Oct 6, 2011

Top 10 Stylish USB Flash Drive Designs

Most popular gifts from gadgets is an unique USB-stick with different designs. The new USB-gadget please everyone, even if it was not the only one in the household. It is important that the flash drive is an essential item of daily use, a constant reminder of the owner donated it to the man. And if it looks original, it gives us a good mood in their appearance.

01. USB flash drive keychain LIPS

02. USB Flash Drive * 35mm * in the form of cassette tape

 03. USB-Stick Vintage Batman

04. USB flash drive key chain HEART

05. Chococat, flash drive-Kote, which brings good luck

06. Dark Sith Lord in the form of flash

07. Mini Cooper, the original car USB flash drive

08. Split Stick, USB-flash drive with a tumbler of Marc Zech

 09. USB Flash Drive, Jedi Star Wars Yoda

10. USB Flash Drive-Zombie Tiki God Totem

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